Like a chef not liking food, it would be unthinkable to attempt to work in the bar industry if we weren’t passionate about spirits, drinks, cocktails and just about everything that is potable. This approach need not be misplaced but as with most things the best way to learn is to continue to taste, to try and to enjoy.

Our ethos is simple; use the best and freshest ingredients you can afford and don’t be afraid to experiment. To the left of this page is a  ‘menu’ of some of our favourite drinks and creations, please try them.

We’ve tried to make it as easy to use as possible; select the category you want, pick a recipe from the list that you like the sound of and follow the instructions. Easy!

We’re not precious about our recipes; most of them have been stolen from us already…..all we promise is that if you follow the recipes exactly, you’ll get some very tasty drinks at the other end.

One you’ve tried them feel free to adapt the recipes and just remember that if it tastes good to you, it will probably taste good to your friends.