Quo Vadis Aperitivo

Quo Vadis’ speciality, fresh squeezed Clementine and Sicilian lemon juices shaken with Campari, topped with champagne, served up in a column glass

20ml Campari
20ml fresh clementine juice
15ml simple syrup
12.5 lemon juice
60ml Codorniu Cava

Shake the first 4 ingredients and strain into a chilled column glass or champagne flute, top with Cava

Created by Kevin for the relaunch of Quo Vadis, he has succeeded in creating a cocktail that truly captures essence of a pre-dinner drink.

Clementine juice is fantastic but very delicate, it lasts barely an hour before it loses its fragrance, so needs to be juiced fresh. This drink should be served short; a chilled champagne flute works well.

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