The Tapastinis

Makes 12 drinks
2/3 bottle vodka
1/2 bottle of a nice Manzanilla sherry (feel free to try your favourite even if is a different style)
Olives, caper berries, sun dried tomatoes, Serrano ham, Chorizo, baby gherkins, almonds, and almost anything else nice.

Build your garnishes first on cocktail sticks. Take the vodka and place it in the fridge with loads of ice cubes in a large pitcher, stir to dilute and set aside. Then wash the glasses in the sherry (no need to waste too much!) Place the garnish inside and then pour the cooled vodka mixture over the garnish.

The coolest host in town. You bet.

As suggested by my great friend and associate Dr. J.C. we presented a series of ‘canapé cocktails’ to various clients and guests and they went down a storm. While polishing glassware I noted that some of our miniature coupettes looked a similar shape to the eponymous bowl and lid combo that is tapas. We wanted to make a selection of drinks that fulfilled both the eating and drinking requirements of a partygoer. What we came up with were the tapastinis, a selection of sherry washed vodka martinis featuring the most outlandishly delicious garnishes all made from Spanish produce. To recreate the effect chill the smallest martini glass you have, or buy some coupettes, a set of 12 is recommended.

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