Festival Drinks

This is where we have a lot of fun

lazy Daquiri 
Find me at the Beat Hotel

Always a winner!

Lucy in the Sky
Remember me?

Mo Hee Toh 
Rum, lime, sugar, mint and soda

California Sunshine
Gin, Aperol, Lillet Rouge, good times, sunshine and happiness

Bloody Mary 
Heaven in the morning

The Dream Machine 

Donkey Punch
Like a Moscow Mule but with a hidden kick

The Flashback
Welcome back!

Passion in Heaven
Vodka, shaken with passion in Heaven

Rum & Ting
Festival classic, rude boy!

Dark & Stormy
You know you would

Glastonbury Zombie

Jug of Pimm’s
Pray to the god of your choice it’s sunny!

Can’t go with out this

Raspberry Daiquiri
Frozen and delicious

Heavenly Punch
Need a little fizz in you punch? Yes you do!

Pearly Gates Margarita
This one is going to go down well. Watermelon!

Elderflower Collins
Crisp and fresh, the summer time classic.

Emerald Angel
We brought Absinth to Glastonbury! Yeah we did!

Tequila and Grapefruit soda. Talk to me.

Devil’s Margarita
Spiced mango Margarita. Say what?

Big Sur
Strawberry and Pina Colada brilliance

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