Jade Garden

50ml Bombay Sapphire
10ml elderflower cordial
15ml homemade jasmine syrup
25ml lemon juice
75ml fresh pressed apple juice

Shake all ingredients over ice and strained over cubed ice in a highball glass, garnish with an apple fan

The jasmine tea syrup is simple to make. Make half a litre of tea using double the quoted amount of tea for a short time (you don’t want to stew it). Strain off the tea debris and add 1/2 kg of caster sugar and stir until it is dissolved. Next squeeze the juice of 1lemon into the mix and allow to cool. Tea syrup lasts 1 week refrigerated

Created for Bombay Sapphire and Virgin Atlantic for their inaugural celebrations in Mumbai in 2004. We have served this recipe at festivals, parties and bars, where it is consistently a best seller

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