Soul Happiness


40ml good silver or reposado tequila
25ml Watermelon syrup
20ml lemon juice
2 dashes Orange bitters

Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail or sours glass. Garnish with an umbrella

The watermelon syrup, again simple to make. Take _ small watermelon and put the flesh through a sieve until you have extracted all the juice. Take the resulting juice and mix it with _ kg caster sugar and taste. The syrup should be thick and sweet, stir in the juice of one lemon and it is ready to use. Watermelon syrup keeps for one week in the fridge

One of the few truly iconic drinks we have created, in this case for the opening of Trailer Happiness in 2003 and Giles’ finalist drink for the year’s Flavour bartender awards. Since then it has become a party staple, really simple to make and allows the tequila used to shine.


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