Soul Rebel
Golden rum shaken with fresh pink grapefruit and lime, passionfruit syrup and cane sugar served long, topped with Orangina Tropical

Cape Gooseberry Cobbler
Fresh Ginger, Physallis and raspberries, Chase raspberry liqueur and fresh lemon shaken with golden rum and topped with Orangina Tropical.

Monkey Magic
A blend of golden and coconut rums shaken fresh lemon, fresh banana and Orangina Tropical

Polynesian Fruit Punch
A blend of light rum, spiced syrup and vermouth, with fresh citrus and tropical fruits, stirred through with Orangina Tropical

Day of the Dead (Tequila Zombie) NEW!
Lots of Tequila, fruit juices and syrups

The Kukui Cocktail
Finlandia vodka shaken with fresh mango, passion fruit and lemon juice, served very long, topped with Champagne.

A Caribbean beach drink transposed to Brighton, A blend of white, golden and aged rums, exotic juices and spiced syrups

Honolulu Honey
Appleton VX shaken with honey cream, mango, pineapple and fresh lime. Soft and seductive like the finest Polynesian temptress

Soulshaker’s Ultimate Mai Tai
Appleton Extra, Creole Schrubb and orgeat shaken with lime, Pisco roasted pineapple and bitters, served with an Woods 100 overproof float

London Fog Cutter
A bracing blend of Beefeater gin, Martell Cognac and dark rum, shaken with camomile, elderflower, passionfruit and apple

Baron Samedi’s Brew
A vicious voodoo blend of Mahiki Grog, Jules’s honey cream, fresh lime, bitters and a hint of Absinthe, topped with homemade ginger beer.

Woods 100 overproof Demerara rum shaken with apricot brandy, fresh watermelon and lime juice, served long, spritzed with Ting

Hibiscus Highball
A heady, floral combination of Pisco, cherry liqueur, lemon and grenadine served long with a hint of soda

Jolly Roger
An authentic pirates brew, Mahiki Grog, spiced syrup, lime juice and a dash of the Captain’s Brandy, Avast me hearties, I’ll keel haul ya.

Coconut Grenade
A fresh frozen and explosive combination of Appleton VX and Koko Kanu, passionfruit and lime, served in a frozen coconut

Tiki Mojito
A tropical and delicious variation on the world’s most popular cocktail. Abuelo 7yr mixed with fresh pineapple and lime juices, passion fruit, pineapple chunks and mint.

Papua Pistonhead
A short and powerful tequila cocktail; Arette Reposado tequila shaken with mystical and magical tropical ingredients from a recipe bestowed upon us from the PistonTiki himself. Dare you?

King Coconut Martini
A light and delicately balanced cocktail served super chilled and straight up. Finlandia vodka and Koko Kanu rum shaken with coconut cream, fresh coconut water and a little fresh lemon.

Caribbean Temptress
Triibe liqueur blended with mango, pineapple and Green and Blacks organic vanilla ice cream and served straight up.

Velvet Voodoo
Arette Reposado Tequila  shaken with orange Curacao, apricot brandy and lime, pineapple and apple juices

Colada Nueva
Finlandia mango, fresh banana and mango puree shaken with fresh lime and pineapple juices and a dash of bitters

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