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Melon Honey Crush (serves 12)
The perfect marriage of Manuka honey 42Below, fresh melon and Chardonnay.

Pinot Punch (serves 12)
Lemon vodka, muddled mint, lemon and peach, lengthened with Pinot Grigio, a perfect drink for a summers day.

Coastal Kiss (serves 2)
Spiced and golden rums blended with pineapple, banana, coconut and lemon juice with a hint of Blue Curacao

Big Chill Punch (serves 24)
Finlandia Vodka shaken with fresh peach and passionfruit purees, d’arbo peach and passionfruit syrup and fresh lemon juice, served long, topped with champagne

Stairway to Heaven (serves 8)
Grey Goose au Poire, fresh pears, blueberries and acerola cherries shaken with a hint of lemon, served long topped with pink champagne

Lover’s Cup (serves 2)
Finlandia vodka shaken with pear, cucumber and elderflower, topped with pink champagne and garnished with scattered rose petals

Poisoned Chalice (serves 2)
A blend of rum shaken with fresh raspberries and liqueur, cranberry and chilli jam, served with flaming black absinthe (with maximum hallucinogenic Thujone levels). Beware!

Bikini Blast (serves 3)
Fresh watermelon shaken with Blanco Tequila, fresh pineapple and lemon juices, served in an atomic watermelon with a flaming shot for the brave soul that finishes first

Krakatoa (serves 4)
Mixed aged rums, muddled blackberries, raspberries, strawberries and apple juice, served as a flaming cascade with cinnamon sparks

Watermelon Rocket (serves 4)
Finlandia Lime blended with fresh watermelon, blueberries, fresh apple, lime and pomegranate juices and agave syrup, served in a watermelon rocket

Pieces of Eight (serves 8)
The ultimate pirate booty, Mahiki Grog, Brandy and Peach liqueur, shaken with lime and sugar and topped with a bottle of champagne, served for eight in a real treasure chest

Neptune’s Bounty (serves 8)
A blend of rums, fresh passionfruit, lime, guava, grenadine and honey cream, blended with secret spices from the ocean depths

Summer of love (serves 18)
Fresh muddled ruby grapes muddled and infused with Finlandia mango, fresh lemon and apple juices and a hint of passionfruit, served long topped with Sauvignon Blanc

Giles’ Voodoo Rum Punch (serves as many as you like)
A blend of light, golden, dark, anejo and overproof rums, exotic liqueurs and syrups, tropical juices and trepidation

Soul Happiness (serves 4)
Our favourite tequila drink. Blanco tequila is shaken with fresh watermelon, sugar and lemon juice, Served over ice inside a hollowed out watermelon

Nicola Six Punch (serves 2)
Stoli razberi shaken with muddled strawberries and cucumber, summer berry cordial and lemon juice, served long topped with pink champagne

SoCo Summer Cup No.3 (serves 4)
Southern Comfort, martini Rosso and Angostura, fresh lemon juice stirred and topped with lemonade, served with seasonal fruits

Samoan Summer Cup No.6 (serves 4)
Anejo rum is mixed with Velvet Falernum, light spices, fresh tropical fruits and topped with Ting grapefruit soda.

Soul Summer Cup No.2 (serves 4)
Bombay Sapphire is built with a dash of Martini sweet vermouth, Aperol, lemon, a little sugar and served with season fruits and topped with lemonade

Soul Summer Cup No.5 (serves 4)
Finlandia cranberry, Martini Rosso, Campari and Cointreau stirred with fresh lemon juice, served long with cucumber spears and seasonal fruits over cubed ice, topped with lemonade

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