Kamm & Sons

There is nothing better than seeing your friends prosper


In the three years since Alex Kammerling launched his unique Ginseng sprit, the product has gone from strength to strength. Seeing it in bars across London has been great to witness and has built a loyal following amongst the industry.


Having won over the bar industry, Kamm & Sons is looking to break in to the consumer market and have redesigned the bottle to suit the new direction. The bottle has been upgraded to a 700ml size to have a stronger brand presence in line with premium Gins. Taking full control of his brand, Alex designed the bottle himself, which is taller, more elegant and slightly tapered at the base. The distinctive embossing down each side still remains as a nod to its original medial origins.


This renovation also lines up with a new signature serve, Kamms Bitter Lemon. From February 1st, Kamm & Sons are running a special offer. Order six bottles of Kamm & Sons and receive three cases of Fever-Tree bitter lemon.



Kamm & Sons Bitter Lemon 

50ml Kamm & Sons
150ml Fever-Tree Bitter Lemon

Glass: Highball
Garnish: Lemon wedge and celery stick
Method: Build over cubed ice


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