We’re hiring!


Soulshakers have a big year ahead with many amazing events & festivals for great clients so we are looking to expand the current team with a dedicated Events Manager. You will need to have proven experience in a plethora of differing event scenarios, which must include high volume. A full driving license would also be preferable.

Please forward your CV along with a cover letter to Once reviewed we shall send a detailed job description and get in touch for a chat.

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NYE & Beyond

Start 2016 with a bang!


The holiday season always provides us with some really great opportunity’s to party. None better than the NYE celebrations in London!


We’re back at Tobacco Dock in Wapping for another big one with LWE. Dream Don’t Sleep on New Years Day and Smile High Club on January 2nd.  As always we require a great, enthusiastic tea. Please get in touch with

The Place:

Nearest stations are Shadwell & Wapping.

Tobacco Dock 50 Porter’s Walk,

London E1W 2SF

Dates & Times:


we require a strong team for load-in and set-up prior to the event day. 



Bar open between – 12:00 – 23:00


Bars open between – 12:00 – 23:00


Once again we are going to be putting together a large front of house team of up to 90+. You are energetic, smiley and appreciate of good music. We will need quick bartenders and bar support/production.


Of course, as this is over the holiday period we will be amending our pay rate accordingly. Wednesday 30th Load-in – Normal time (£8p/h) NYD – Double time (£16p/h) 2nd/Jan – Normal Time (This will be Time & a Half (£12) for anyone who worked both event days!)

For more information please get in touch with

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Soulshakers in 2016

We’re growing!


Each year we take on more events and get involved with more exciting projects than the last. In 2015 we had a really busy year, working with loads of festivals over the summer and sparking up a partnership with London Warehouse Events.

To hit the ground running in 2016, we’re looking to build a core team of bartenders & bar support. We’ve already got a great network of engaging and hard working staff on board but need more people like that to help us out with our event plan for 2016.


Not only will we be back at Tobacco Dock but our festival plans for 2016 are shaping up to be bigger than we could have expected. If you’ve got a positive mental attitude along with the energy to work in a fast pace and dynamic environment then we’d like to hear from you. Send your CV along with a bit about yourself to


Soulshakers Team.

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Adam Beyer presents Drumcode Halloween at Tobacco Dock

We’re back at the dock for another massive production!


Our partnership with LWE continues this month with a Halloween part not to miss.  Adam Beyer presents Drumcode with names like Alan Fitzpatrick, Boddika, Scuba, Trevino, Ida Engberg, Pan-Pot and many more. More info here.

Due to the insane lineup, tickets for this event have already sold out but there’s still some chance to enjoy this incredible night. We’re looking for fun, hard working and enthusiastic staff to help us make this event special.

With front and back of house positions available, get in touch with attaching a CV.

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C’est Shook.


By now most of you will have seen the suggestive Wez Anderson inspired TV commercial for Orangina. If not, take a look here. It would seem the throwback soft drink brand is having a revival of late and is now available for on trade. If you’re thinking of putting the iconic bottle behind your bar, why not take a look at some cocktails we came up with using the product.

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Kray Twins

Two Kray Kray!


This evening we’re serving East End inspired drinks at the launch of the new Kray Twins film starring Tom Hardy. Here’s a look at our special menu!

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Acid Future

Well that was fun!


When we found out that we’d be supplying the bars for Seth Troxler’s Acid Future at Tobacco Dock we were very happy. Even more so to hear Smokey Tails would be serving up food on the roof! Now that the site has been cleaned up and staff are back to health, it’s time we shared some images of the night!

This won’t be the last event we do with the folks at LEW. If you’d like to work at our event, be sure to get in touch at

All photos taken by Luke Baker

Be sure to follow us on Instagram as well @soulshakersltd –









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Glastonbury – Shangri-La

Our biggest event of the year!


Months of planning go in to making the summer special for you all. We oversee all of the bars in Shangri-La. For those unfamiliar with Shangri-La, that’s 8 bars. Here’s a look at what we’ll be serving in each of them over this weekend. Please note that not all of the bars will be serving the same drinks. We have mixed up the offering to keep things interesting and make best use of the space. Bars include Heaven, Cloud 9, House of Come Ons, Heavenly Garden, Boilermaker Hole in the Wall, Guerilla, BNP and Hell.

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Krankbrother Street Party

Staying in London this weekend? You’ll want to go this!


This weekend our pals Krankbrother are putting on a street party with names like Funkineven, Jus Ed, Kyle Hall and Mark E. Tickets might still be available here if you’re lucky.

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Beat Hotel 2015 Drinks List

You’re a thirsty bunch!

Many of you have been asking what’s on the Beat Hotel drinks list this year. Will my favourite be on there? Can I get Pimm’s? What about the cocktails sausages?

Well, here it is, everything you need to know about the drinks offering for 2015.

Lazy Daiquiri – £7.50
It’s not that we can’t be bothered to make you a proper Daiquiri, its just that this actually tastes really good. Click the link for the recipe.

Purple Heart – £8.00
This brave drink has been with is to many a Glasto as well as Sorry No Vacancies. A firm favourite amongst the masses, this drink had to come back for 2015

Big Sur – £8.00
A new addition to our drinkable family. The Big Sur is a surfers favourite that combines two amazing frozen flavours.

Donkey Punch – £7.50
This one causes trouble and if you’ve joined us before then you’ll be familiar with it! The dash of Absinthe goes a long way. You’ve been warned!

BEAT Nik – £8.00
You’ve seen this before and you know the score. Bourbon all round for this one. The BEAT Nik returns for 2015.

California Sunshine – £8.00
A festival classic and no stranger to the Beat Hotel. We can all pray for sunshine at Glasto. If not, there’s always California Sunshine.

Bloody Mary – £7.50
In case you forgot we also serve breakfast at the Beat Hotel. Not only are our Bloody Mary’s amazing, but we also make them using our very own SoulSauce.

Pineapple Express (shot) – £5.00
Say goodbye to the Flashback. This yeah we’ve brought you something with a zesty and fruity lick. Say hello to the Pineapple Express!

Five Dollar Shake – £7.00
We can’t forget your after diner needs. Introducing a drink with Tarantino reputation.
“Did you just order a $5 shake?:”


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