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From our conception we have had one solid and steadfast aim; to make bartending better and improve the standard of our profession.

We estimate that over the previous 7 years, 15,000 – 20,000 people have passed through our courses in one form or another. Our varied programs range from global brand training to private client tastings and cocktail master classes.

We pride ourselves on delivering a truly unbiased approach using a unique combination of technical knowhow and service innovation all grounded by a comprehensive and unparalleled understanding of the building blocks of cocktail delivery.

Having tailored training programs for over 30 different clients, many of which are ongoing, we regard our training packages as the best in business.

To find out more about what are programs contain or what we can offer, please click on the links below or contact us directly.

Brand Training

A full client management and consultancy service would typically include the following;

  • Production of full training manual, syllabus and content in conjunction with requirements.
  • Production of take-away/handout materials to accompany program delivery.
  • Flexible training methodology to suit student capabilities and to target market specific goals.
  • Associated and incorporated brand drinks strategy.
  • Full delivery of program on a local, national and global scale.

Private Client Training

Private client programs allow for a range of remarkably flexible sessions that can cover all aspects of service, drinks knowledge and delivery. Examples of programs are listed below;

  • Full beginner’s training incorporating basic tool use, spirits tasting, sales and drinks production.
  • Cocktail master classes for beginners.
  • Private tastings; all categories or products and all skill levels.
  • Hosting and management of discussion groups facilitating general or specific debate on a vast range of topics.
  • Advanced bartending programs covering service, cocktails, spirits and delivery.
  • Practical assessments for staff incorporating structured assessment techniques, feedback, analysis and development programs.

All of our tastings are conducted with official ISO tasting glasses, can be tailored to client specific products and are hosted by WSET qualified trainers

Here is an example of training material for you to download

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